"Sock Critters" Make Calming Weights

Here’s a creative and fun way to make simple, calming weights for young children. Research suggests calming weights provide deep pressure touch that helps some children calm themselves down. These simple “sock critters” were made by preschool children at Pressman Academy in Los Angeles. A creative teacher had each of her students make his or her very own sock critter at the beginning of the school year. Children filled old, adult-sized athletic socks with sand and then decorated them with markers and wiggly eyes. The sock critters often rest quietly in a wicker basket, but, during stressful days, the teacher passes the sock basket around during story time and the children hold their critters during the story. This seems to provide the group with calming results. Weighted products are non-invasive, easily applied and are generally pleasurable and self-motivating. A wide variety of professionally weighted products such as vests, blankets, and stuffed animals are available from Achievement Products.


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