In The News

Here are some links to recent news media mentions of issues facing special needs populations and/or the educators, caregivers and others who work with them…

Budget Deficit Could Swell to $14 Billion by January

“The news of a growing deficit with more proposals of massive and permanent spending cuts likely to be proposed to close it, will have almost certain impact again on services and programs for children and adults with disabilities, mental health needs, the blind, low income seniors and families, community organizations, facilities, workers and counties to provide services and supports…”

Special Needs Kids’ Parents Should Rejoice Over Health Care Bill’s Passing

“…What does this mean for parents of special needs kids? The biggest piece of this legislation is the removal of the insurance companies’ ability to deny coverage based on ‘pre-existing conditions’ and the public insurance exchange…”

Judge Refuses to Halt Hawaii Teacher Furloughs

“…Varady’s lawsuit, on behalf of eight sets of parents of special education students, contended that furloughs violate federal special education requirements…Varady and Seitz argued that federal law, called the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, bars school administrators from changing the instructional patterns of special education pupils without consulting parents…”

School Districts, Parents Work Together for Special Needs Students

“Parents with children who have special needs may find themselves overwhelmed as they learn about their rights and state and federal rules…


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