10% Off Therapy Kits!


All Therapy Kits are 10% off through 6/30/13!

Achivement Products® has everything you need to get therapy sessions started! Check out some of our favorite new items!

Sensory Starter Kit – 34-piece set (APSENS34) – $99.95

Our Sensory Starter Kit includes many of our top-selling input products to help calm, soothe and inspire creativity! The set includes one Hairy Tangle®, two Fuzzy Tangle® Jrs, one Therapy Tangle®, a set of four 4″ Senso-Dot Balls, a set of 10 Finger Funs, 100 grams of Sensory Snow, Silly Squares, a set of 12 Rapper Snappers and two clear Angeles® Value Line™ Cubbie Trays (not sold separately).

Rock & Roll with Me – Vibration, Movement & Musical Starter Kit (APROCK) – $99.95

Our Rock & Roll With Me Starter Kit stimulates the senses with a variety of sensory input while allowing for creative movement, active sitting and imaginative play! Children will learn about and practice transitioning between activities using soothing vibration. This kit includes a Soothing Stars Vibrating Pillow, a set of three Flash Balls, a Band in a Box, a set of 12 Rapper Snappers, a small Sit Disc and a plush Pull & Play Tissue Box with 12 Scarves.

Oral Motor Starter Kit – Set of 7 (APOM8) – $46.95

Our Oral Motor Starter Kit is a great way to get started with oral motor therapy! The items included offer oral stimulation through chewing and biting, speech therapy and self-discovery. The set includes a Vibrating Teether, a Knobby Chewy Tube, a Yellow Chewy Tube, a Double-Sided Mirror and a set of three Infa-Dents®.

Engage the senses of your students with these wonderful Therapy Kits! Remember, the offer ends on 6/30/2013 so shop now!


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