10% Off Therapy Kits!


All Therapy Kits are 10% off through 6/30/13!

Achivement Products® has everything you need to get therapy sessions started! Check out some of our favorite new items!

Sensory Starter Kit – 34-piece set (APSENS34) – $99.95

Our Sensory Starter Kit includes many of our top-selling input products to help calm, soothe and inspire creativity! The set includes one Hairy Tangle®, two Fuzzy Tangle® Jrs, one Therapy Tangle®, a set of four 4″ Senso-Dot Balls, a set of 10 Finger Funs, 100 grams of Sensory Snow, Silly Squares, a set of 12 Rapper Snappers and two clear Angeles® Value Line™ Cubbie Trays (not sold separately).

Rock & Roll with Me – Vibration, Movement & Musical Starter Kit (APROCK) – $99.95

Our Rock & Roll With Me Starter Kit stimulates the senses with a variety of sensory input while allowing for creative movement, active sitting and imaginative play! Children will learn about and practice transitioning between activities using soothing vibration. This kit includes a Soothing Stars Vibrating Pillow, a set of three Flash Balls, a Band in a Box, a set of 12 Rapper Snappers, a small Sit Disc and a plush Pull & Play Tissue Box with 12 Scarves.

Oral Motor Starter Kit – Set of 7 (APOM8) – $46.95

Our Oral Motor Starter Kit is a great way to get started with oral motor therapy! The items included offer oral stimulation through chewing and biting, speech therapy and self-discovery. The set includes a Vibrating Teether, a Knobby Chewy Tube, a Yellow Chewy Tube, a Double-Sided Mirror and a set of three Infa-Dents®.

Engage the senses of your students with these wonderful Therapy Kits! Remember, the offer ends on 6/30/2013 so shop now!

Activity Guide – Gel Spiral Pad

The team at Achievement Products asked our consultant, Occupational Therapist Scott Russo, to provide some activity suggestions for incorporating some of our favorite items into daily classroom activities or curriculum. Scott has provided some really great and creative ways to use items (that may have been originally designed for typically developing children), in special needs environments. Today we will look at the Gel Spiral Pad.



The Gel Spiral Pad provides a fantastic overall sensory experience while increasing finger and hand strength, and improving visual-motor control. The texture of the gel combined with its bright but soothing colors provides the perfect combination of tactile and visual input in a non-threatening manner to the sensory defensive child. The gel provides resistance for finger and hand strengthening as well a visual-motor challenge as the child tries to maneuver the embedded plastic pieces through the maze.

Activity Ideas:

  • Use the pad for sensory exploration. Have the child free play with fingers and palms across the surface of the pad. Cool the pad in a refrigerator before use for increased sensory input.
  • Place the Gel Spiral Pad on a light table for added visual stimulation, to reduce boredom and increase attention span.
  • Use the pad to develop finger isolation and strength. Indicate a finger for use on each hand and have the child use only that finger to move the plastic pieces, or simply to trace the spirals. Switch fingers at random intervals or when fatigue is noticed.
  • Time the child and see how fast he/she can get the plastic pieces through the maze.